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  • How can I make money with your program?
    Simply Sign Up - For Free! Look for items you like, and share them with your friends and followers, along with your exclusive discount Code. When they make a purchase using that Code, you earn up to 25% in commissions.
  • How can I promote your products on my Social Media Accounts?
    When you sign up you will be asked to enter each of your social media addresses on which you will be selling. Promote your exclusive code on your page, blog or through text and earn money each time anyone uses your exclusive code.
  • Can I just use your images? Do I have your consent to do so?
    Yes, as an amtify connect partner, you have the right to use the images and content from our site.
  • I do not live in the US, can I still join?"
    Yes. As long as the order is shipped within the US, you will earn your commission.
  • I have many fans and followers outside the US, will you ship internationally soon?"
    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended international shipping. However, we are working closely with shipping companies and will resume it in the near future.
  • How and When do I get paid?
    All commissions will be paid through PayPal. When your application is approved we’ll ask you to please provide your PayPal email address. Payment will be made at the end of the month following the sale. As an example, for sales generated in January, commissions will be paid on the last day of the following month. In that case, February 28th.
  • When will I get paid?
    We have 30 days payment cycle. If your sales are generated in January, it will be paid on the last day of the following month. In this case, it will be Feb 28th.
  • What happens if the buyer returns the item?
    Commissions paid on returned items will be deducted from the following commission payment. Commissions will not be paid on cancelled orders.
  • Can I use PPC to bid on Amtify or Amtify Connect?
    No. Commissions will not be paid on sales generated by your use of PPC with our brand names.
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